Freak Animal discography was early on decided to be divided based on format. Catalogue number runs separately on each format (tape, 7″, LP, CD).

At some point, including catalogue numbers became to feel irrelevant, especially with tapes. This means that vast majority of releases do not either have clearly marked catalogue number or they don’t have one at all.

Catalogue numbers use variations of either FA-CD- or Freak-CD- form.


discography cd (number FA-CD-032 used twice. FA-035 used twice but later corrected to 037)

FREAK-CD-001   C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century   1997
FREAK-CD-002   Aube / Haters, The   Splinter Clear Cut / Joyous Smash (CD, Ltd)   1998
FREAK-CD-003   Bad Kharma / Lasse Marhaug / Grunt   Scandinavian Noise Manifesto (CD, Ltd)   1998
FREAK-CD-004   Various   Freak Animal #11 (CD, Comp, Ltd)   1998
FREAK-CD-005   Man Is The Bastard: Bastard Noise   Bastard Noise Hails The Finnish Sound Masters / The Symptoms Of A Failing Equilibrium (CD, Album, Ltd)   1999
FREAK-CD-006   Taint   Dau ghter: Victimology 2 ◄ (2 versions)   1999
FREAK-CD-007   Various   Degenerating Finland (CD, Comp, Ltd)   2000
FREAK-CD-008   STROM.ec   Dogs Of Total Order (CD, Album, Ltd)   2000
FREAK-CD-009   Grunt / Cloama   Valkoinen Kuolema / Belyi Smertz (CD, Ltd)   2002
FREAK-CD-010   Control (3)   Algolagnia (CD, Album, Ltd)   2002
FREAK-CD-011   Death Squad   Fucked In The USA (CD, Mini, Ltd)   2002
FREAK-CD-012   Nicole 12 / Taint   Candyman (CD, Ltd)   2002
FREAK-CD-013   Macronympha   Membranes And Black Holes (CD, Ltd)   2002
FREAK-CD-014   STROM.ec   Laboratorio Suomi (CD, Ltd)   2003
FREAK-CD-015   Richard Ramirez   Tracking Device (CD, Album, Ltd)   2003
FREAK-CD-016   Order. + Bastard Noise   Bastard Noise Order. (CD, Ltd)   2003
FREAK-CD-017   Nicole 12   Playground / Lolita Love (CD, Ltd)   2004
Freak-cd-018   Pain Nail   ..End Times. (CD, Ltd)   2004
FREAK-CD-019   Gelsomina   Disease With A Purpose (CD, Ltd)   2004
FREAK-CD-020   Nicole 12   Substitute (CD, Ltd)   2004
FREAK-CD-021   Taint   Misogynist Lust (CD, Album, Ltd)   2004
FREAK-CD-022   Haare   The Temple (CD, Ltd)   2004
FREAK-CD-023   Temple Of Tiermes   Delirium Sadomaso (CD)   2004
FREAK-CD-024   Black Leather Jesus   United States Of Persuasion (CD, Album, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-025   Grunt & Cloama   Nausea Of Humanity (CD)   2005
FREAK-CD-026   Organized Resistance   Day Of The Rope (CD, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-027   Brethren (4)   Savage Inequalities (CD, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-028   Cloama   Revisionist Knowledge (CD, Album)   2005
FREAK-CD-029   Gelsomina   Cronenberg / Dead Music Live (CD, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-030   Clinic Of Torture   Whip And Pierce (CD, Ltd)   2003
Freak-CD-031   Bizarre Uproar / Aunt Mary   Recordings 1991-1992 (CD, Comp, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-032   SKM-ETR   Screwdriver City (CD, Mini, Ltd)   2006
FREAK-CD-032   Emil Beaulieau   Damaged + Destroyed (CD, RE, Ltd)   2005
FREAK-CD-033   Sewer Election   Vengeance (CD, Mini, Ltd)   2006
FREAK-CD-034   Incapacitants   Pariah Tapes (5xCD, RM + Box, Comp, Ltd)   2006
FREAK-CD-035   Testicle Hazard   Beauty Of Nature (CD, Ltd)   2006
FREAK-CD-036   Control (3)   World Of Lies (CD, Album, Ltd)   2006
FREAK-CD-037   Grunt   Seer Of Decay ◄ (2 versions)   2006
FREAK-CD-038   Gelsomina / Squamata   Junkyard Behemoth (CD, Album, Ltd)   2007
FREAK-CD-039   Bizarre Uproar & Gelsomina   Assisted Self-Sterilization (CD, Album, Ltd)   2007
FREAK-CD-040   Pure (6)   Fetor (CD, Album, Ltd)   2007
FREAK-CD-041   Con-Dom   Holy Bible 2007
FREAK-CD*042 martin bladh 2008
FREAK-CD*043 mania cd 2008
FREAK-CD*044 hated perversions 2008
FREAK-CD*045 BU lihis 3xCD 2009
FREAK-CD*046 GRUNT 3xCD 2009
FREAK-CD*047 Yao 91404 cd 2009
FREAK-CD*048 Shift “sleep paralysis” CD 2009
FREAK-CD*049 Grunt “petturien rooli” CD 2009
FREAK-CD*050 Jason Crumer CD 2009
FREAK-CD*051 BU purification 2010
FREAK-CD*052 ERIC LUNDE “Candyhole” CD 2010
FREAK-CD*053 UMPIO “Muelas” CD 2010
FREAK-CD*054 HAARE “Funeral of Souls” CD 2010
FREAK-CD*055 Deathkey 2xCD 2010
FREAK-CD*056 ASHLEY C “timeless reality” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*057 ALCHEMY OF THE 21ST CENTURY “Beauty Of Aesthetic Imperfection” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*058 deathkey mcd 2009
FREAK-CD*059 deathkey cd 2009
FREAK-CD*060 SICK SEED / SHIFT split CD  2011
FREAK-CD*061 NICOLE 12 “Black Line” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*062 BIZARRE UPROAR “viha & kiima” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*063 IRON FIST OF THE SUN “I will never have the right” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*064 WILL OVER MATTER “Lust for Knowledge” CD 2011
FREAK-CD*065 MARTIN BLADH / BO I CAVEFORS “The island of death” CD+booklet 2012
FREAK-CD*066 JAAKKO VANHALA “Feral Earth” CD 2012
FREAK-CD*067 Testicle Hazard “Python In The Bowl” CD 2012
FREAK-CD*068 OWL “Tapes 97-99” CD  2012
FREAK-CD*069 BRETHREN “Alienated & Radicalized” CD 2012
FREAK-CD*070 GRUNT “World Draped In Camouflage” CD 2012 (also LP)
FREAK-CD-075 BUDRUS “Canine Vision IX” CD
FREAK-CD-076 PAIN NAIL “Magneettinen Kohtalo” CD
FREAK-CD-077 V/A “Hour Of The Wolf” CD
FREAK-CD-078 BIZARRE UPROAR “Perverse Bizar Humiliation” CD
FREAK-CD-080 GRUNT “Myth Of Blood” CD
FREAK-CD-084 HAARE Regressed CD
FREAK-CD-085 ROTAT Carnal Beauty CD
FREAK-CD-086 Zyklon SS anti-personnel CD
FREAK-CD-087 Zyklon SS torture chamber CD
FREAK-CD-088 Zyklon SS iron division CD
FREAK-CD-089 ENCEPHALOPHONIC “Psychopathological Entertainment” CD
FREAK-CD-091 Umpio “trakilo” 3″CD
FREAK-CD-092 Mania “foul inside” 3″CD
FREAK-CD-093 Sick Seed “Failed Rituals” 3″CD
FREAK-CD-094 Contortus “Violence In Heat” CD
FREAK-CD-096 BizarreSSmania “II” CD
FREAK-CD-097 GRUNT “Castrate The Illusionist” CD
FREAK-CD-099 ROTAT “Grease Districts” CD

So what is weird about numbers? Some appear twice. 018 or 019, 024.. who knows why. And I recall etching of catalogue numbers in Streicher, Stegm, BLJ, Sickness LPs might not match the catalogue # in cover… I guess this is about it. If there was more LP’s, catalogue numbers are more fucked than I thought.

001 Grunt/Bizarre Uproar/Woundead -10″LP
002 Grunt/Aube -split 10″LP
003 Incapacitants/JunkDrome -split 10″LP
004 Tiermes “210” -10″mLP
005 K2/Grunt “Gears and Shafts” LP
006 Richard Ramirez/Grunt “Modern Beliefs” LP
007 Macronympha/Grunt “Eye for an eye” split LP
008 Facialmess/Grunt -split LP
009 Einleitungszeit “L’accouchement des machines humanes” LP
010 Emil Beaulieau/Frans De Waard
011 Clinic Of Torture “Whip & Pierce” LP
012 Nicole 12 “Playground” LP
013 Strom.ec / Irikarah -split LP
014 Pain Nail “.The End Times..” LP
015 GRUNT “Terror” LP
016 GRUNT “Degeneration” LP
017 GRUNT “Last Grip To Sanity” LP
018 GRUNT “Midnight Inspiration / Live in UK” LP
018 GRUNT / GELSOMINA collaboration LP
019 TAINT “Daug hter: Victimology 2” LP
020 TAINT “Misogynist Lust” LP
021 BIZARRE UPROAR “Mass”  10″ mLP
022 CONTROL “World Of Lies”  LP
023 STROM.ec “Dogs Of Total Order”  LP
024 BLACK LEATHER JESUS “Trocar” 12″
024 SICKNESS “Ruiner” LP
025 STEGM “Sugar Shower” LP
026 STREICHER “Legion St. George” LP
027 DEATHKEY “hammer of aryan terror” LP
028 HAARE “Chemical Witchcraft” LP
029 BRETHREN “The Chosen” 10″+dvdr
031   BizarreSSmania   What’s Your Pleasure, Sir? LP
032   Shift  / Sick Seed ‎LP
034 Nicole 12 LP
035 Bizarre Uproar viha & Kiima
036 Cloama LP
037 Hal Hutchinson LP
039 BU rape africa LP
040 MANIA / Coma Detox LP
041 Forza Albino “Black Dog” 12″
042 GRUNT “Myth Of Blood” LP
043 PAIN NAIL “Magneettinen Kohtalo” LP
044 HUMAN LARVAE “Behind Blinding Light” LP
045 GRUNT / Siikala split LP
047 SADIO / CALIGULA 031 split LP
048 GRUNT “Sacrosanct Imperium” 12″ one-sider
049 GRUNT “Castrate The Illusionist” LP


001 Noise Waste/Cause For Effect -split 7″
002 Grunt/Bizarre Uproar -split 7″
003 Grunt/Hermit -split 7″
004 Grunt/Aube -split 7″
005 Noise Waste/Seven Minutes Of Nausea -split 7″
006 Grunt/Cosmonauts Hail Satan -split 7″
007 Grunt/Love Hole -split 7″
008 Aube/Noaidi -split 7″
009 Grunt/Kapotte Muziek -collaboration 7
010 Freak Animal -zine + compilation 7″
011 Order. “Punishment” 7″
012 Pain Nail “Gates Are Open” 7″
013 Taint “Harming Obsession” 7″
014 Grunt “Welfare” 7″
015 Nicole 12 “Braces” 7″
016 Grunt “Dead Beauty” 7″
017 Gelsomina “s/t” 7″
018 HATERS “Polyheiluttaa” 7″
019 MACRONYMPHA “Diseased Erotica” 7″
020 HAARE “Sacred Mushroom Clouds” 7″
021 PAIN NAIL Hengellisiä Lauluja 7″
022 CLOAMA Death Certificate 7″
023 BRETHREN Kingdom Coming 7″
024 SICKNESS / JOHN WIESE split 7″
025 NICOLE 12 “First Dance Of The Spring” 7″
026 BASTARD NOISE / U.N.D. split 7″


001 Human Garbage #3 compilation
002 Bambi Polo/T.N.P. split
003 Yesmeansyes “Live in tour ’93-’94”
004 Grunt “One Animal Above the Others”
005 Human Garbage #4 compilation
006 Peaceful Threat -demo
007 Grunt “The New Form of the Organic Machine” 2xtape
008 Grunt “Collapsing of Welfare State”
009 Grunt/Oral Climax split
010 Grunt/Wanting To Work With Clay -split
011 Building Of Gel/Futile Existence -split
012 Headless Piss “6.12.94 3.06.95”
013 Noise Waste -demo ’95
014 Yesmeansyes/Mexican Power Authority -split
015 Grunt/Yggdrasil -split
016 Grunt/The Japanese Torture Comedy Hour -split
017 Grunt/T.D.B. split&collaboration
018 Grunt “Night Havoc”
019 Grunt/Lasse Marhaug “Mad Emperor Anal” split & collaboration
020 Grunt / Strom.ec -split tape
021 GRUNT / PRURIENT “split” tape
022 Decondition “the universal nothingness” tape
023 SQUAMATA “Rust Fetish” tape
024 BIZARRE UPROAR “Antibliss06” tape
025 SHIFT “Sleep Paralysis” tape
026 GRUNT “Live Japan 2005” 2xtape
027 GRUNT “Charred Empire – live UK 2005-2006” 2xtape
Pain Nail “eastern frontiers 2007” 2xtape
+ more.. will list later..

Besides the main catalogues, Freak Animal also publishes works under names Industrial Recollections, Emergentism, Institute Of Paraphilia Studies, etc….