Freak Animal is mostly known as publisher of releases that fall loosely under term industrial noise. Be it harsh noise, power electronics, experimental, etc. It operates independent from the general music industry and music media.

Freak Animal doesn’t have strict rules of what type of non-sound content releases must have. Despite label is mostly known for its provocative releases, in c. 200 releases, fits wide variety of approaches. Main guideline has always been to publish material that is meaningful. Highly personal, obsessive and/or manifest and awakes strong emotions. This applies to both: Sound and content.

Freak Animal does not apologize for awaking strong emotions in people. Those who absolutely can’t handle particular content due some political or moral issues, are adviced to not buy them.

Besides the main catalogue, Freak Animal also publishes works under names Industrial Recollections, Emergentism, Institute Of Paraphilia Studies, etc.

After discontinued Freak Animal and Degenerate! -magazines, currently active is Special Interest magazine, forum and online media. Freak Animal is also strongly present at Sarvilevyt -record store located in Lahti, Finland.

If you’re looking publisher for your work, please consider first whether you feel material fits to label.

If you want to distribute items, contact for wholesale information. This applies to large companies as well as private persons.