Sadio “Questionable Pleasures” CD, Gas Chamber Renaissance “Craniotomy of Reign” CD

Freak Animal news 7/2018

GAS CHAMBER RENAISSANCE “Craniotomy Of Reign” digipak CD

Freak Animal has profiled lately in digging up unknown Finnish names for CD releases. Great discoveries that has been well received. Debut CD of Gas Chamber Renaissance belongs continues this direction. Project containing members of obscure Finnish projects Edge Of Decay, Goat Tunnel and Circle of Shit. When advance material was heard at Freak Animal headquarters, instead of accepting proposal for shorter tape release, offer was made to band to record more songs to complete full length CD under banner of Freak Animal Records. Strength of material is that besides it seems better than artists have done with their own projects, GCR as separate band manages to have atmosphere and spirit of its own.

Strongly following the traditions of brutal Finnish industrial noise, they provide strong dose of noisiness, aggression and physicality, but do not forget dark haunting atmosphere created with echoing and slow paced movement of massive noise soundscapes.

6 panel full color digipak sleeves. Freak Animal Records.

SADIO “Questionable Pleasures” digipak CD

Comparing to debut, second full length release of SADIO (Grunt + Kommando Skingraft) presents more coherent album. 7 tracks of ripping fierce power electronics, offers no mercy for listeners ears. Full on savage electronics, feedback assaults, pulsating signals, broken rusty sound and wild vocals. More layered and heavier sound than split LP’s with Caligula031 and Prurient, yet edge is not softened a bit! For fanatics of violent power electronics!

6 panel full color digipak sleeves. Freak Animal Records.