Freak Animal new January 2023

Big batch of new Freak Animal and related items! Found from store in mid january!


MACRONYMPHA “Membranes and Black Holes” cd
20 years after the original CD edition, Freak Animal makes this Macronympha album available again on CD! Now all the original artwork is shown in full color like the original hand made collages were. Sound is 100% same as in first edition. (fa-cd-013)

Bizarre Uproar “4raajahalvaus” CD
20 years after the original CDR on Freak Animal Records, now digipak CD version of this rare Bizarre Uproar title is reissued on CD! 25 minutes of Bizarre Uproar harsh noise plus collaboration tracks with Grunt and Bastard Noise!  fa-cd-142

BIZARRESSMANIA “What’s your pleasure, sir?” CD
Bizarre Uproar, Sick Seed and Mania, their first group collaboration was originally released only as LP. Long sold out release is now available on CD! Audio is the same, artwork is using the same original collages as was for LP, but now everything is on full color like the collages originally were. Freak Animal 2023. (fa-cd-143)

Debut full length CD from rising Finnish noise artist! Known for great debut tape on Freak Animal, soon followed with notable releases on Narcolepsia, Satatuhatta,..   Now debut CD offers something very Amek-Maj, but not repeating the same. The broken hand made roughness of current days Finnish noise can be heard but also heavy bass loaded crunch and sonic nuance found from projects like Mania. Full color digipak. (fa-cd-144)

UMPIO “Brain Pain” CD
A fresh chunk of mortar in the never ending beaver’s dam of junk elektronix noizu. Just stick your tongue on the soldering iron of the big piezo in the sky and watch your face being ripped off by these frequencies of hi-speed impact. Only the best cassettes were cannibalized for this 2 meter long joint. Full color digipak. (fa-cd-145)


MACRONYMPHA “Amplified Humans” cd
Marconympha “Amplified Humans” CD was among very first Industrial Recollections CD’s. It was published in times when CD was temporarily somewhat overlooked in scene. Too small CD edition has made it hard to find over the years, so IR is proud to present digipak repress of the CD. Macronympha and MSNP has undisputed importance in harsh noise history, yet Amplified Humans has legacy of its own, that can be seen when out of countless tape releases, it often gets named among the very best of Macronympha, and even inspired american noise fest to use it as title for entire festival. If you do not have Amplified Humans, now it is possible to correct that mistake!

MACRONYMPHA “Baroque” cd
Classic Macronympha harsh noise CD from mid 90’s was one of the first Industrial Recollections re-issues. Now the CD is back in stock as digipak version. Harsh Noise masterpiece by band that set standards to genre as we know it now. 


*Jukka Siikala “Seksnobyl 2” magazine
Issue two by this Finnish cult artist! Full color glossy photo magazine of extravagant bizarre art.

*V/A ”Long live the death of video” CD 
CD version of the compilation! VHS tape size diameters, packaged in plastic sleeve. Contortus, Will Over Matter, Bizarre Uproar, Grunt, Mania. All exclusive material. Several full color inserts, things to read and see.  IOPS 2022

*Unclean ”used, bruided, abused” tape
IOPS. Synth oscillations, distorted noise and voices. Instrumental tape.

NOTE: Also bunch of former IOPS tapes are back at store. Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag, Red Light, Vile Vulgar, Silence of Vacuum, Kinbakushi, Grunt,…


PAIN NAIL “Veren Seisauttava Oppi” 2×10″ vinyl
Hospital productions 2022! New Studio album of Pain Nail as double 10″ vinyl!

crushed burnt wood, grey salt water and twisted iron… the darkest and most intense nordic power electronics. packaged in old school heavy board silk screen with paste on antique hand stamped religious text covers and booklet. limited copies!

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