MAY 2024. Many new, many represses!

BIZARRE UPROAR “Final Apocalyptic Struggle To Survive” LP/CD
BIZARRE UPROAR two different shirts. Classic logo and skull logo variations.
SSRI “Trash Heap” CD
CONTORTUS “The Worst is yet to come” CD
PAIN NAIL “.End Times..” CD
PAIN NAIL “Magneettinen Kohtalo” CD
TAINT “Dau Ghter: Victimology 2” CD
TAINT “Misogynist Lust” CD
TAINT “Indecent Liberties” CD
TAINT / GRUNT “Schoolyard Bruises” CD
PALOKORO “Vapaat miehet kulkemaan” tape
MAKT tape

BIZARRE UPROAR “Final Apocalyptic Struggle To Survive” LP/CD

Bizarre Uproar returns with massive album consisting c. 40 minutes of claustrophobic industrial-noise punishment. Mix of repetition and hands-on-adjusted development, oppressive mass of noise, loops, screech and vocals. LP version in heavy weight rigid full color gatefold covers. Freak Animal Records.

CD in 6 panel digipak edition. Classic logo and skull logo shirts published at the same time. 

NOTE: Postage of one LP is same as multiple LP’s! Better value for shipping if you add items. For example VIHANMIEHET “II” LP!!


LP edition of massive VIHANMIEHET second album! Excellent cut & pressing, small vinyl edition in special silk screened covers! Freak Animal.

NOTE: Postage of one LP is same as multiple LP’s! Better value for shipping if you add items.

SSRI “Trash Heap” CD

SSRI returns with new full length album of great experimental industrial noise! 8 tracks, each displaying that despite low profile for recent years, SSRI is still at highest level! 6 panel digisleeve cover. 

CONTORTUS “The worst is yet to come”-CD

2024 album of Contortus comes quick after the previous ones, but it is a masterpiece of heavy electronics / industrial / experimental brutality.

PAIN NAIL “.End Times..” CD

Re-issue of PAIN NAIL debut album!  no remaster, no edit. All original artwork featured in 6 panel digisleeve covers. Freak Animal 018

PAIN NAIL “Magneettinen Kohtalo” cd

2024 Repress in 6 panel digisleeve. Recorded between 2006-2012. 40 minutes album consiting large variety of material from gloomy brooding heavy electronics to rusty and dark rhythmic metal percussion industrial and epic atmospheric tracks. Aggressive vocals and dirty analogue sound.

Re-issue of power electronics classic! No remaster, no edit, almost identical packaging & covers -> Possible to identify what pressing it is, but stays faithful to originals.

MAKT debut tape
PALOKORO “Vapaat miehet kulkemaan” tape, 2nd on Freak Animal! Couple of first still in stock!
GREASE DISTRICT “Bulk” debut tape, Finn harsh noise

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