Bowsing store

Some may have observed that store “new arrivals” doesn’t work flawlessly. It doesn’t list restocked titles. Often doesn’t list shirts, zines etc. Not always even latest additions of vinyl/cd. Rarely it lists items in chronological order, so new additions may appear few pages after old titles making impression as if updates has not been made. Why? Who knows.

One fast way to browse store is use these links given below. You can use these settings in store by yourself. Simply by choosing bowsing type as “last modified Z-A”. Another alternative is just click below.

Direct store links:

Latest added/restocked CD
Latest added/restocked vinyl
Latest added/restocked tapes

Latest added/restocked books/zines

Latest added/restocked t-shirt

These apply for industrial/noise categories. If you want to browse metal titles of store, select category and browsing method.