October 2018: YANA, Sadio, Contortus, Veprisuicida

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CONTORTUS ”Your weakness feeds my cruelty” CD
Finnish industrial-noise/power electronics Heavy and brutal 2018 album in digipak. After praised 2017 debut CD “Violence in heat”, Contortus returns even heavier and more solid piece of aggression and antihumanist retaliation. Despite having high levels of sheer violence, Contortus sound is always detailed and carefully adjusted. 14 songs, each having their own atmosphere and structure.


Short clips of two tracks can be heard on video below:


VEPRISUICIDA ”Vaginacentrism” CD
VEPRISUICIDA ”Heavy Metal Cyclothymia / Science Friction” CD

After “Radio Stigmata” CD, 3 more parts of CD reissues of great Russian industrial-noise. Rugged mix of handmade, rusty and mechanical. Material mostly from mid 90’s from infamous Ultra label. Industrial Recollections.





SADIO ”Questionable Pleasures” tape
Tape version of the 2018 full length album. Full color covers in regular tape case.




YANA ”Oka” tape
For many years I have been considering more detailed hand made editions of releases. There has been some of them through-out history of Freak Animal Records. In recent times most releases have been factory products or regular packaging.

When hearing master of new YANA “Oka” sessions, it was clear this would benefit from packaging reflecting the music. This obscure Finnish duo had made studio-live sessions, where eerie drone and hand made industrial sounds meet in perfect blend.

Packaging of tape is in recycled leather box. No printed material has been used, but all text is hand stamped or done with typewriter to each individual tape. Due packaging, only 80 copies exists and even less in FA’s distribution as band has their copies as well.


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