FA-CD-105 EDGE OF DECAY ”passionate concrete love” CD

After two tapes on Freak Animal and more releases on other labels, one could wait when EOD had progressed to level of unleashing debut album. Freak Animal is known to reject masters sent to us in case it does not feel to be high quality I expect from artists. This time already first listening convinced, that this material needs to be the first proper album of Edge Of Decay. More structured, with healthy dose of focus on composition and texture, yet remains faithful for idea of Edge Of Decay: Just barely beyond rusty and filthy noise waste, bordering harsh noise and brute Finnish sound.

FA-CD-106 UMPIO “Acquired Tastes – lost tapes 2008-2011” 2xCD

UMPIO 2xCD collects “lost tapes”. Couple tracks from rare and nearly impossible to get tapes, several tracks remained unreleased. Quite typical situation that after Freak Animal published Umpio “Muelas” CD, several flakey labels offered him deals for tape releases… that never came out. As enthusiastic noise maker, Umpio took the offers. Now, decade later Freak Animal fills the gaps with the missing parts in lineage of Umpio discography. Since then Umpio moved on to new ways of noise making, yet this “Acquired tastes” will be testament of junk noise era he is most known for.

FA-CD-111 Encephalophonic ”Surgical Mods” CD

Collection of tracks from compilations, 7″s and also unreleased. Hurtcore harsh noise cut up. While being compilation, mastered to CD format it sounds as solid noise album. Full color digipak.

FA-CD-112 Kristian Olsson “Ligranorex” CD

Dark ritualistic post mortem works from Kristian Olsson (Alfarmania / Survival Unit) made in 2012. Originally released as private cassette in small circulation. Here released with one additional track from same period.

FA-CD-012 Nicole 12 / Taint “Candyman” CD
FA-CD-061 Nicole 12 “Black Line” CD

Releases long out of stock. Strongly loved and even more strongly hated power electronics works. Approach with caution! Now neat professional digipak re-pressings!

Other labels:

MO*TE “Taste Die Mad” CD
Re-issue by Industrial Recollections/Audio Dissection. 1998 tape, ltd 50, now available on CD. Japanese cult noise!

Special packaged box set. Tape compilation with ENCEPHALOPHONIC, SADIO, GRUNT, MANIA, CLINIC OF TORTURE and CALIGULA031. IMPORTANT! Due thickness of box, this counts like 2 CD’s! Still fits into 5 euro letter – unlike previously announced.


(Anyone wondering where are the missing catalogue numbers fa-cd-107-110, those are the upcoming 3″CD series part that should have been done now but delayed till march. Some tapes will be published same time with them. Follow the news…)