GRUNT “Documentation” 3xCD box

Live shows from 2005-2008 around europe. A lot of good sounding live gigs, that match level of studio recordings. Various versions of songs some known from studio releases, but a lot of material never published as studio versions. Does not overlap with old live tape releases! Repress of the box set that came about 10 years ago. Packaging has been improved. Each CD in cardboard sleeve, inside rigid clamshell box. Graphics are the original.

MO*TE “Uncut” 4xCD box

Industrial Recollections & Audio Dissection teams up with another Mo*Te. Complete works of band on his own Uncut label. Four hours just flies when listening some of his best material. Unlike many Japanese noise acts of mid 90’s, his sound was not technology oriented, but utterly crude and raw harsh noise. Decaying tapes, crunchy saturation, blown-out sounds, fierce ripping feedbacks. Many now infamous Japanese artists gained global attention from fans with relatively widely circulated CD and vinyl releases, but at the time Mo*Te produced tape releases often limited to no more than 50!

4 CD’s in cardboard sleeves, rigid clamshell box. Original artworks used as respect for the spirit of these handmade obscure releases.

HAARE “Destroy Fascist, Love Forever” 6xCD box

Destroy Fascism, Love Forever! Celebrating 20 years of psychedelic noise.Since 1999, from lo-fi harsh noise beginnings via death industrial,primitive horror ambient, organic drones and occult metal junk ritualsHaare have built their own style of psychedelic noise. This box setcompiles selected out-of-print cdr & tape works, including a full length cdof unreleased material. 6 cd’s in cardboard sleeves, in a rigid cardboardbox, with a 12-page booklet.Meditation music for insane minds.

MANIA “All Aftermath” tape

Mania 2019 tape. Mania uses roughly same range of sounds known to expect from project, but there are less of full on blasting harsh movements. All Aftermath tape presents Mania in form of making listener anticipate the bass frequency loaded heaviest moments, while giving more menacing atmosphere where subdued crackles and clanging of metal junk offer tasty textures. Mania sounding Mania, yet expanding his approach once again! C-30 with full color J-card.

CIRCLE OF SHIT “Ladder To God” tape

Finnish noise project CIRCLE OF SHIT offers C-60 noise tape. Fragments of speeches, samples and religious chants appear in abundance, but so does the full instrumental harsh noise havoc. Freak Animal.