Bizarre Uproar, Vigilantism, Sadio, Kovana

Summer releases of Freak Animal is 2 CD’s and 2 tapes!

BIZARRE UPROAR “Melting Pot of Cultures” CD

2020 album of Bizarre Uproar presents yet new angle on ultimate suffocation and decay. Melting Pot Of Cultures is destined to be CD-only album, due sheer massivity of material. One over hour long piece has couple chapters in it, but would be impossible to publish on tape or LP as it is on CD. Slowly evolving sound is created by eerie droning, nearly angelic voices and crushing and slashing large metal object sound. Hard and clear sound, noisiness of electronics and metal objects makes contrast in slow pace, where melting takes place with inevitable slow paced transformation. One may feel powerless in front of 64 minute death machine roar, yet album displays both grotesque eroticism and conceptual excellency that will be appreciated by those up to challenge.


Follow up to appreciated debut album of Vigilantism! Another sign of creative Finnish industrial-noise / power electronics of current age. Relying on simple, but effective elements. Always raw, always the bare-bones approach, but sounding unlike the other groups in Finland. It has the rawness of harsh noise background. Some similarity to masterminds noise works under Edge Of Decay, yet more composed, more concept oriented, darker approach of Vigilantism sets project as entirely different entity.

Diversity of material makes sure that listening just one track does not do justice for whole album, yet here is one sample song to check out. 

KOVANA “Fluids of chimera” tape
2020, Freak Animal presents great full length tape (over 60 mins!) of this Finnish industrial-noise duo. 12 songs, each having coherent vision, structure and interesting sounds, creating tape album of level not often heard from “newcomers”. Absolutely essential to check out!

SADIO “Copycat Killer” tape
2020, Freak Animal presents the copycat killer. 42 minutes of Sadio maniac ripper

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