Freak Animal news april 2023

H.Ö.H. ”Epäjohdonmukainen” CD

HÖH has made its name in presenting some of the most primitive, hand made and strange noise. New album “Epäjohdonmukainen” is perhaps taking project to even more challenging form. The known broken sounds take form of short bursting lofi eruptions. H.Ö.H. works purely with analogue production. These days very rare to receive analogue tape master for album. Recordings that didn’t touch computers before digitizing it for CD. To preserve the spirit of material, nothing has been compressed or cleaned up. Utterly decayed and charming sound is perfectly visualized in equally crude design of the digipak cover.

Freak Animal records 2023.



KSNK “Murska” CD

New KSNK album is totally unlike former cd on Freak Animal that collected materials of couple private tapes. Fairly low profile artists has played numerous gigs and made tapes and compilation tracks, that always include surprise what he will do this time. New album “Murska”, is almost like Finnish take on something what could be if Jeph Jerman and Vivenza would be thrown into blender. Recordings of crusher machines and industrial production, as is, without overdubs or effects sound like multilayered noise orchestra. One can’t file this as field recordings, nor it is “artist playing” noise instruments. It is witnessing noise taking place and appreciation of the moment. Full color digipak. Freak Animal records 2023.



DECONDITION ”Like A Mirage Or A Dream” CD

New Decondition album is totally unlike former cd on Freak Animal. Previous album was exploring icy cold drone sounds. This new one is innovative sounding heavy electronics style. In Freak Animal’s roster it leans towards things like Human Larvae, Contortus, Vigilantism and that kind of projects, yet Decondition has its own character and experimental electronic approach. 

Already back in 2007 Decondition did its first release on Freak Animal. During the years, there was releases on other labels. Low profile of band did never meant it would be over. Lately Decondition appeared on Terässinfonia compilation series and this new full length CD sets new standard for what Decondition is about!. Full color digipak.

Freak Animal records 2023.




One of the best kept secrets of Finnish noise scene. Barely presence anywhere, only producing self made tapes. Appeared on Terässinfonia compilation series and this new full length CD is huge leap. Bleak and dark industrial-noise, that reeks of spirit you could imagine coming from 80’s tape scene, yet not being retro or copying former decades. It is result of pure analogue production artists is doing. These days very rare to receive analogue tape master for album. Recordings that didn’t touch computers before digitizing it for CD. To preserve the spirit of material, nothing has been compressed or cleaned up. Digipak.

Freak Animal records 2023.



COV OPS ”New Agenda” CD

Freak Animal has been focusing a lot in presenting very best of the current Finnish noise/power electronics movement. Plenty of emails are being received from abroad, and most often, almost never this results signing something for a release. With COV OPS, this was the expectation. When first track hits the speakers, I felt need to listen more. Second track.. Third track… and so on. I was convinced I need to release this, even before album was listened till end. Cov Ops rejects the innovations, playfulness and technological advance. It trusts on sheer violent energy and basic elements of what I would call industrial-noise. Harshness brings it to realm of noise, yet it clearly belongs to lineage of industrial culture. New Agenda takes strong opposition to contemporary world and blasts non-stop free form harsh industrial-noise attack in your face. Full color digipak. Freak Animal records 2023.




Terässinfonia – Steel Symphony: Sound of Finnish experimental noise.

For 25 years Freak Animal Records has published countless releases by Finnish artists. Activities of label has played part in shaping perception how many people see the Finnish noise and experimental underground. Despite vast amount of releases, label has never given full view that would reveal diversity of expression found among Finnish scene.

After quarter of century of work, Freak Animal aimed to take a task of compilation series under title Terässinfonia. To present Finnish noisy and abstract experimental sound in wider scale. Assumption is, that there would be at least three volumes, if not more. All volumes include many projects unknown for vast majority of people. Series will illuminate that Finland is at this moment experiencing surge of creativity on this field, even if it may happen widely unnoticed.

Commando 15, Axyrxiom, Old Intestines, Isä Kosminen, Kaarna, Grunt, Näsiä, Yksi.

COMMANDO 15 “Radio Free Bothnia” tape

Fierce harsh electronics, C-20, Freak Animal 2023.

In times when there is no shortage of Finnish noise, hearing Commando 15 material was one of the moments when being continuously amazed that new artists will bring something new to table. Early unreleased material of Commando 15 were more generic harsh noise blast. Song submitted to Terässinfonia vol 6 (Freak Animal 2023) went to another direction with weird crackles and harsh sounds.. When advance material of “Radio Free Bothnia” recording ended into ears of Freak Animal, it felt as if there is something new again, that out of several dozen active Finnish noise acts, nobody was really doing. On paper, when you list feedback experimental, junk sounds, lo-fi gutter production… and you can associate all adjective into countless noise bands out there. Noise tends to be often beyond vocabulary, as language of its own, and how to translate this into words? Odd sliding manual processing, where feedback often is on verge of eruption. Noise that is restrained. Often when it seems just about to erupt into full force, Commando 15 pulls it back and makes you wait. Technological simplicity of offering no “new tech”, just rusty echo box, amplifier feedback, lo-fo clatter and such, yet still standing out as material can’t point finger on other artists working with this approach. Therefore, C-20 noise experiment published by Freak Animal in April 2023! Comes with full color 3 fold “U-card”.

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