Bowsing store

April 11, 2017 freak-animal 0

Some may have observed that store “new arrivals” doesn’t work flawlessly. It doesn’t list restocked titles. Often doesn’t list shirts, zines etc. Not always even […]

Grunt bandcamp

February 20, 2017 freak-animal 0 New material has been uploaded. There has already been few uploads worth noting as they have not been published in physical audio format. Now […]

Mailorder additions

February 8, 2017 freak-animal 0

In near days, several more tapes, vinyl¬†and CD’s will be added to store. These listed below are some of the previous additions. THE RITA – […]


January 20, 2017 freak-animal 0

Classic Mother Savage Noise Productions compilation remains one of the greatest documents of early 90’s international noise underground. Carefully selected who-is-who of the noise masters […]

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