GRUNT, VANHALA, WORTH and many more!

This batch was originally intended to be among the massive batch of stuff that came out couple weeks ago. Delayed production caused these titles to be released separately. 4 new parts of 3″ series. Improved covers, professionally manufactured. Disc is easier to take out and they look better.


Jaakko Vanhala “Cuts of Grace” 3”CD

Already years ago announced 3rd CD of Jaakko Vanhala was being postponed several times. Finally, decision was to not make it as full length album but 21 minutes long mini CD. And what a CD it is! If one would feel necessity for another genre tag, it could be “composed noise”. As opposite of free flowing jam or formless static rumble, there are many works that feel nearly orchestral. Certainly composed. Cuts of Grace is one of those examples where cut-up harsh noise reaches such a high level, it is not only cut-up for sake of being fragmented and busy. It is cut-up in absolute precision, where sound elements, textures, transitions, all flow perfectly into place. Yet it is noise. Noise composition where juicy and tasty sound sources are arranged into tracks that suck you into whirlwind of noise. Perhaps seemingly chaos, yet these cuts of grace have been assembled by man who clearly is not only noise maker, but noise artist.


Selected Killing ”Secret Tombstone” 3”CD

In times when you hear people complaining about power electronics being misogynist, violent and painful to listen to, you tend to ask some guidance where to find such vile material! It is often surprisingly rare occasion where such releases are found. Freak Animal is proud to offer Selected Killing, project including Encephalophonic on high voltage ripper electronics and Grunt being responsible for conceptual acoustic sounds and vocals. Each track is build solely from vocal track, one layer of electronics and one acoustic sound element. Despite tripped down form, you will hear surprisingly diverse results. Utmost loudness and ear ripping power.


Grunt “Kraniometria” 3”CD

For many years, Grunt have published mainly material leaning to power electronics / industrial noise. There has always been harsh noise element in Grunt. “Kraniometria” is combination of many known elements of Grunt noise: Physicality, analogue rawness, electronic sharpness, yet it is much more than you have formerly heard. From hours of recordings and experiments over 2018, new tools and methods were applied. Result is all instrumental, all harsh, most often free flowing fast paced modulations. It is step to different direction from grinding loops and acoustic metal junks often dominating in the past. Grunt shows it is still able to renew it’s approach after over 25 years of work.


Worth “Ruination Assessment” 3”CD

American harsh noise unit Worth has been gaining name in the scene. One full length LP, handful of hard to find tape releases as well as CDR release. Now Freak Animal is proud to present first actual pro-pressed, real CD release. 20 minutes of harsh noise in the way Worth is known for: Sleazy, physical, carefully crafted rusty and juicy textured. Slow paced dragging of industrial waste. At the same time painful but utmost ear-candy for the harsh noise heads!

Each new 3″CD has improved packaging. Outer diameters are the same as in previously issued discs (Mania, Sick Seed, Umpio).

Umpio + Irr.App.(Ext.) “Permutable Schema” 2xCD

Not in FA’s own discography, but label took part in co-releasing this with Vibora Collective. Second collaboration of intercontinental nightmare sound sculptures, with one CD by each artist cooking up very different results from partly same source materials. Packaged in neat glossy multipanel catefold type sleeve. 

YANA “Fat Carpet” tape

Freak Animal

Finnish duo known for their releases on Freak Animal displays yet another angle how broad their approach is. Those who expect exactly same as before may not get it. It would not be healthy to stagnate this early! Fat Carpet is C-30 tape where A-side shows YANA from gloomy atmospheric experimental drones that reach levels of harsh noise before the side ends. On b-side you will hear YANA live performance, filled with piercing electronics, percussion, sudden screams and various other elements proving band has very unique approach in Finnish scene. Both sides are live recordings from march 2019. A-side is without audience, B-side at the live show.



Harsh, but tonal. Magnetic Tape Mouth Gag presents debut tape, what has some parallers to works such as Atrax Morgue “Sickness Report” or some noisiest works of Sshe Retina Stimulants, but there is much more harsh noise feel and tasty overblown magnetic tape saturation.

VILE VULGAR “Private art” tape


Name nods toward infamous Swedish sex magazine. Like the paint smeared private magazine pictures on the cover of this tape, harsh noise is messy, random and crude. It has the feel of the vintage pornographic material. Smelly, hairy, slimy, sweaty, perhaps technically coarse, yet appearing more real than contemporary computer enhanced materials.

GRUNT “Kraniometria” t-shirt

New Grunt shirt following the artworks based on “Kraniometria” mini CD. Double sided print! Good strong quality print, on Fruit of the loom soft-spun shirts (see measures to know your size!!)

Innovative Sofspun® fabric with a super soft feel
Fashion fit for a retail look
Crew neck with cotton/Lycra® rib and single needle stitching 

Self-fabric shoulder to shoulder taping 

Sizes Width* Length** 

S 46  x 68,5

M 48.5 x 71

L 53.5  x 73,5

XL 59  x 76

2XL 64  x 78,5

*Measure across garment 1cm **Measure from highest point 

If you need bigger ones, please contact via email.

WHOLESALE ORDERS: Contact via e-mail.


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