Vanhala, Umpio, Mania, Government Alpha, Sadio

New from press – November 2020

Vanhala “Here Be Lions”

Demanded repress of modern day harsh noise classic! Even if it feels somehow arrogant to worship something you just released. I can’t take credit for making the material. I simply heard “Here Be Lions” material before it was released as tape and even if this was scheduled for magnificent Sprachlos Verlag label. I immediately told this is simply too good to be 100 copies tape what will disappear in current flood of north european noise. It was agreed there must be CD release and I’m proud to say this represents possibly the best harsh noise CD ever released in north europe. It goes right up there. next to genre defining milestone. It has all the necessary elements. Fierce and brutal sound full of energy. Hands on approach with strong focus on physical object. Utmost care on textures and subtle details. Individual sounds sources. tape manipulations. mixdown and composition. Even if cd includes some material previously heard on tape. it stand strong as proper album. Essential for fanatics of noise with passion and artistic intergrity! FA-CD-073 Freak Animal.

Vanhala “Feral Earth”

Freak Animal is proud to present repress of debut CD of Jaakko Vanhala. who previously worked under name Zoat-Aon. Feral Earth presents the finest of the metal object noise made in world today. It approaches the sound from perspective of skillful craftmanship. high density of detail and perfection of sonic balance. Use of physicality and large metal objects ensures the finest inspiring sounds. yet Vanhala evades all the failures of contemporary music and firmly keeps his feet in lines of noise. Despite of all metal junk recordings Freak Animal has published during recent years. Vanhala is able to offer yet another angle. These masterworks are beyond vast majority of caveman antics within noise. only competed by such cult classics like early The New Blockaders albums.

Umpio “Moletrol”

UMPIO ”Molestrol” CD
new 2020 album Finnish supreme harsh noise. More electronics, more modular patches, more room sounds than line-recordings. Some unreleased archive noise sources thrown in mix. Sharp, crystalline quality, yet noisy and harsh at the same time! Umpio always delivers noise that radiates energetic force.

Temple of Tiermes “Gandharva Constellation”

TEMPLE OF TIERMES “Gandharva Constellation” cd
Industrial Recollections presents definite release of piece of obscure Finnish ritual-noise history. Back in 1995, Jarkko Toivonen (of cult black-doom band Unholy) and Mikko A (Grunt) was living in same city, and collaborated with session of difficult and painful experimental recordings. At first some of these very first recordings of TEMPLE OF TIERMES was privately distributed. Home dubbed tapes without covers, given to handful of people. In late 90’s half of the material was issued as tape limited to 28 copies. Finally 25 years after original recording sessions, long lost original master tape was discovered, with full recording session and Industrial Recollections makes it available for the first time. Roaring noise, eccentric guitar works, human skull percussions and piercing feedback all blend into unique mix of experiments of two different kind of artists. Presented in stylish digipak. 

Government Alpha “Defective Politics”

GOVERNMENT ALPHA ”Defective Politics” CD
Japanese 90’s harsh noise tape re-issue, formerly tape on Self Abuse. Presented in digipak replication of original packaging & design.

Government Alpha “The Maternity Music”

GOVERNMENT ALPHA ”The Maternity Music” CD
Japanese 90’s harsh noise tape re-issue, formerly tape on MSNP. Presented in digipak replication of original packaging & design.

Mania “Raw Nerves & Unseen Eyes”

MANIA ”Raw Nervers & Unseen Eyes” CD
Originally finished and put into release cue one week before death of artist. CD was quickly removed from production. After unfortunate hard drive crash at label headquarters, there was moment of stress whether only living person who has the material managed to lose it all. When files were salvaged, it seemed as if sign that album must be published now and not wait any further. Raw Nervers & Unseen Eyes is the final Mania release that was both fully approved and also full involved living artist. Future reissues happen according to wishes of now deceased artist.

Sadio 7″

SADIO ”piss drinking slut” 7”
New 7″ on Freak Animal Records after long break on publishing this supreme format. High pitched aggressive Finnish power electronics ripper with some eerie and dark sounds as well.

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