HÖH LP, Amek-Maj, Moozzhead. Freak Animal 2020!


First thing first. Year is ending, but there are 3 more new titles:

H.Ö.H. ”Superorganism” LP
Finnish obscurity has reaches small cult status with his tape releases. Utterly primitive totally analogue noise experiments, have been most often self published by artists, but there exists sold out and sought after CD anthology consisting some of the early tapes. This vinyl album is all new material, exclusive for the LP. Tape loops, broken primitive electronics, tape hiss and distortion crackles, with really tasty sound and perfect vinyl sound. 

AMEK-MAJ ”Impi” tape
One half of YANA with his solo works. Known from Terässinfonia compilation as well as tape releases. Impi is first more widely available solo work. Live at ”studio”, no overdubs, harsh noise with physical broken quality.

MOOZZHEAD ”Beyond Faith” tape
Handful of people may remember Finnish harsh noise artist from 90’s. Vastly improved recent activity shows Moozzhead performing pedal harsh noise, recorded on analogue 4-track. Red hot signals of distortion and rumble for fanatics of harsh noise!

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So what did happen in 2020? 

Past titles released during the year. :

GRUNT ”Spiritual Eugenics” 2xLP / 2xCD

New full length album is massive dosage of Grunt recordings. Some have praised this to be the best works. Time will tell where album falls in hierarchy of Grunt albums, but personally I consider it sonically and visually the best one yet. 

BIZARRE UPROAR ”Melting pot of cultures” CD
Finnish brute, sometimes praised, sometimes loathed. He still manages to improve and re-invent the sound of Bizarre Uproar, without being satisfied simply offering the expected. Massive new CD only album!

Second full length of noisy Finnish power electronics/industrial noise project from member of Edge of Decay.

SADIO ”Copycat killer” tape
When the masters showed the way, the copycats follow the lead.

When hearing this master, there was no Striations full length CD’s yet published which seemed like situation someone needs to fix. It appeared to be immediately best works of the artist. Many praised also some other releases in his discography, yet for me, Keepsakes feels sonically the most striking and powerful by far!

CONTORTUS ”For those who love to cause pain” CD
When people warned you about unethical attitudes within power electronics, this is pretty much what they are talking about. Only hostility and disrespected of what generally is considered decent. Yet also with advanced artistic level!

Freak Animal has been proud to present documentation of current moment of Finnish noise and related genres. Both volumes include roughly dozen artists that most people have never heard of. Here are there are tracks by known and appreciated names who established themselves as noteworthy players even in global scale. Strength of Finnish noise doesn’t rely merely on the handful of widely known old names, but factually flourishing scene where new and interesting noise makers play live and also release their works. Many are noticed by limited amount of people, but there compilations will show for wide audience how much there is current activity. Third part of series will be released in early 2021. Stay tuned!

KOVANA ”Fluids of chimera” tape SOLD OUT
Fairly new Finnish duo released this over one hour long tape on Freak Animal, that sold out very quickly. You may find it from some distributor.

YANA ”Chorea Midst” tape
Latest YANA tape on Freak Animal is back in stock. Experimental and harsh noise works blending together.

Besides Terässinfonia, there are other noteworthy Finnish compilations. Kolari -series (soon all 3 parts will be found from mailorder) have been published on other labels, but also noteworthy new 4 band tape was compiled and designed by artists themselves, but for sake of easier distribution, published by Freak Animal. Edge of Decay, Ahola & Silander, YANA, Tyhjä Pää.

UMPIO ”Molestrol” CD
New 2020 album Finnish supreme harsh noise master barely need introduction among die hard harsh noise fanatics. His best yet? Could be!

MANIA ”Raw Nervers & Unseen Eyes” CD 
Posthumous full length release of the legendary USA noise artist. Freak Animal was scheduled to release this in 2019, but when artist died, release was postponed. Release was fully compiled and all design approved by artists himself.

SADIO  7” 
High pitched aggressive Finnish power electronics ripper

HUMAN LARVAE ”Fifteen Years” 2xtape box
15 years of Human Larvae is celebrated in form of tape box with 4 live gigs. Far more raw, fierce and noisy production values than any of his albums. Some last copies remain! 


Due continuous demand, this modern harsh noise classics are back in stock!

Industrial Recollections 2020

TEMPLE OF TIERMES “Gandharva Constellation” cd
25 years after recordings, this 1995 Finnish ritual-industrial-noise release finally released in complete form. Jarkko Toivonen & Mikko A., the first ToT line-up gives you uneasy and painful listening experience.

GOVERNMENT ALPHA ”Defective Politics” CD
GOVERNMENT ALPHA ”The Maternity Music” CD 

Japanese 90’s harsh noise tapes re-issued

VEPRISUICIDA “Blednozheleznaja Devstvennica”-cd    
VEPRISUICIDA “chinese meat”-cd 
VEPRISUICIDA ”veprisuicida” -cd

Russian 90’s brutal and primitive industrial-noise cult classics reissued

IOPS 2020
Cot, Kinbakushi, Silence of Vacuum tape + zone box-sets.
Only some copies of Kinbakushi tape remains available.

Something forgotten? I guess roughly 30 items during one year proves, and two thirds being Finnish artists, would display noise is alive and kicking.

2021 should be expected many interesting things and hopefully the information will be posted slightly more organized manner…

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